Essential Oils

We reduce volatility and prolong the release of essential oils in both cosmetics and agrochemicals.



Essential oils are known for their many beneficial properties in both agrochemicals and cosmetics. However, they are highly volatile and particularly susceptible to degradation caused by exposure to light and other environmental factors, thus limiting their effective use and long-term preservation.


Nanomnia has responded to this challenge through organic encapsulation of essential oils. This advanced technology not only reduces the volatility of the oils but also prolongs their release, optimizing their effectiveness over time. The capsules protect the essential oils from exposure to light and other degrading agents while maintaining their beneficial properties.


  • Improved Stability: Encapsulation technology increases the stability of essential oils, protecting them from premature degradation.
  • Economic Efficiency: The need for reformulation or reapplication is reduced with savings in cost and environmental impact.
  • Versatility: Capsules can be designed to rupture and release their contents in response to specific environmental stimuli, offering applications tailored to industry needs.


  • Agrochemicals: Encapsulated formulations find application in crop protection products, where the controlled release of essential oils can serve as a natural repellent or pesticide, reducing the need for frequent applications and decreasing reliance on synthetic chemicals.
  • Cosmetics: In cosmetics, these formulations allow essential oils to be used in fragrances and skin care products, providing a longer-lasting fragrance and effective therapeutic action due to the gradual release of the actives.


The project is being developed TRL 7.

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