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Who we are

We are a biotech SME established in 2017 that develops bio-compatible, bio-degradable and microplastic (MP)-free formulations for products in the agrochemical, cosmetic, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and advanced materials sectors, helping companies to adapt to the upcoming 2028 European ban on MP-containing products.


What we offer

Nanomnia offers 3 different services to its clients:

Research & Development

We carry out formulations of the active ingredients chosen by the client company, test and patent the solution in partnership or on behalf of the client.

Licensing & Joint Venture

We license our registered patents or establish joint ventures with companies interested in promoting more sustainable products with high market potential.

Servizi di laboratorio

We offer analytical chemistry solutions, using instrumentation such as HPLC, mass spectrometry, GC and ICP to ensure precision analysis.

What is encapsulation?

Nanomnia is dedicated to the development of sustainable nanotechnology and biotechnology, in line with current EU policies that aim to reduce the environmental impact of industrial chemical processes. Today, many chemical products contain microplastic (MPs) additives, chosen for their low cost and high performance. However, MPs are harmful to all living organisms, accumulating in the environment and being difficult to biodegrade. For this reason, the European Union will ban the use of MPs starting in 2028, requiring the adoption of alternative plastic-free technologies.

How does Nanomnia address this challenge?

Nanomnia has developed innovative microplastic-free technologies, focusing on encapsulation techniques that allow active ingredients to be enclosed in solid or liquid matrix materials. These capsules release the contents in a controlled and specific manner, protecting the active ingredients from harmful external factors (such as UV rays) and improving their stability, bioavailability, and efficacy.

For its formulations, Nanomnia uses only fully biocompatible or biodegradable materials, helping to preserve the health of the environment and humans without compromising the effectiveness of the active ingredients. Nanomnia's sustainable approach spans several sectors: agrochemicals, cosmetics, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, as well as more industrial areas such as smart materials and the energy sector.

nanotecnologia incapsulamento farmaci

The benefits of our encapsulation

Reduced side-effects

Our encapsulation makes exclusive use of fully organic and biodegradable substances, which leave no microplastic residues and minimize treatment side-effects.

Controlled and gradual release
of the active ingredient over time.
High degree of stability

The encapsulation increases the time window within which the active principle can release its effect.

High degree of specificity

The active principle has a controlled release that allows it to be conveyed selectively and reduces the amount of dosage needed.

Combination of multiple treatments

Different active principles can be encapsulated together, reducing time and costs.

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