Mosquitoes and aphids

We identified a microplastic-free and UV-resistant formulation able to strongly limit the proliferation of these insects.



Parassite insects and mosquitoes severely affect, respectively, plantations and human health. The first causes tremendous loss of the harvest, avegering around 50-60% and reflecting onto serious economical costs. mosquitoes are vectors of several transmitted diseases, such as malaria, yellow fever, Chikungunya, West Nile, dengue fever, filariasis and Zika, causing the deaths of 700.000 people every year. 

Traditional insecticides have several downsides, such as they:

  1. are poisonous for human beings and for several other animal species, due to their low target selectivity
  2. are completely neutralized under the UV-light, causing a low shelf-life
  3. produce environment contamination due to persistent actives
  4. may give birth to a resistance phenomena (the insect resist the insecticide) 
  5. cannot be used in some specific waters for their destructive impact for the food chain


Pyrethroids are natural-based insecticides derived from plants. Their action is executed through direct contact with insects, with a fast neurotoxic reaction. However, the efficacy of these insecticides is usually limited by their degradation under UV light and temperature. Our formulation guarantees the insecticide activity under UV-light exposure, increasing the product shelf-life.


The encapsulated solution showed prolonged efficacy compared to the non-encapsulated traditional insecticides (TRL 6).

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