Xylella fastidiosa

We are working on a microplastic-free formulation that minimizes the proliferation of a plague that has not yet been cured.



Xylella fastidiosa is a bacterium transmitted by insects and affects several plantations, such as olive trees, citrus, almonds, grapes, coffee, and peaches. Its effect consists on blocking the plant absorption of nutrients and water and, ultimately, on causing their death. The Joint Research Center of the European Commission has estimated that the full spread of the disease could cost 5.5 billion euros per year to the EU, due to loss of productions and plantations. In addition, 700 million euros per year will be lost due to export losses and, potentially, also 300,000 jobs.

No cure has been found yet to this devastating plague.


Our solution offers a safe methodology to minimize the proliferation of Xylella f., without any side-damage to the olive trees.


The tested solution showed no phytotoxicity on the olive trees (TRL 4).

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