How we work

Nanomnia works both by stipulating R&D projects for the encapsulation of specific active ingredients of client companies, and by licensing registered products derived from its research activity.

Research & Development



Feasibility study
We discuss together the active principle to encapsulate and the objectives you desire to achieve (e.g. greater bioavailability, higher resistance to UV light and temperature, etc.).


Formulation and optimization
We prepare a stable formulation of the encapsulated active compound, by screening a wide-range of biodegradable, microplastic-free polymers.


In-vitro tests
We test and validate the best formulations in vitro onto the reference model and we identify the efficacy dosage.

Development (optional)


Field Test
We test the winning formulation on the field with technical operators.


If the client desires it, we (co)patent the core-shell combination and license it.


Our research

Alternatively to ad-hoc R&D projects, Nanomnia performs its own research to give birth to new registered products.
We are currently working on solutions against specific pathogens, which are:
In addition, we use types of formulations that include:

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