Smart materials

We amplify the properties of intelligent and phase change materials, and reduce the hazardousness of nanoparticles due to fine powders.



Health hazard due to the exposure to fine powders (regulated by Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 COSHH)
Leakage of Phase Change Materials (PCM) in their liquid state
Fast loss of thermal properties
Irreversible and fast corrosion of materials


Optimized size
Cover the PCM with a polymeric coating
Combination with thermosensitive polymers


Zeroed health hazard due to the nanoparticulate (alignment to the future EU directions)
Improved thermal properties of the PCM composite
Boosted stability and durability properties
Controlled time-release of material (if necessary)

Applications of our technology

Encapsulation of paraffin waxes
Encapsulation of palmitic acid
Encapsulation of graphene
Encapsulation of fine powders

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