We protect nutraceutical active ingredients, such as food supplements and functional additives, from gastric pH degradation and improve their absorption and action.



Fast degradation of active ingredients under gastric stomach pH
Low shelf life due to oxidation degradation
Low solubility of actives in water
Poor bioavailability
Undesired flavor/color of the active ingredient


Active protection against gastric acid pH and oxidation
Combination of more active ingredients (co-adjuvant)
Enrichment with functional ingredients


Boosted efficacy
Improved solubility
Increased bio-availability
Prolonged shelf-life
Improved color and odor properties

Applications of our technology

Vitamins encapsulation
Probiotic encapsulation
Mineral encapsulation
Aromas and flavors encapsulation
Superfood encapsulation
Additional nutritional supplements

Our current research

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