We make agrochemicals drastically less harmful and increase their effectiveness, as well as that of biostimulants and fertilizers.



Fast agrochemical degradation under UV light and rain
Excessive use of non-selective agrochemical
Increase of the environmental contamination
Not microplastic-free solution and process
Low shelf-life of natural active ingredients


Addition of a targeting agent for precision agriculture
Creation of light, temperature and rainfastness resistant shell


Improved efficacy and efficiency of the actives
Reduction of the required treatment quantity and cogs
Reduction of environmental contamination

Applications of our technology

Encapsulation of acaricides
Encapsulation of fungicides
Encapsulation of bactericides
Encapsulation of herbicides
Encapsulation of insecticides
Encapsulation of nematicides
Encapsulation of molluscicides
Encapsulation of virucides
Biostimulant nanoencapsulation
Natural biocides encapsulation (disinfectant, preservatives, antifouling)
Nano-fertilizers (macronutrients NPK, secondary macronutrients, micronutrients)

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