The starting point for the development of our technology is the nature and its mechanisms already present in the cells of biological systems. The cells, in fact, exchange molecules and compounds with each other, encapsulating them, to protect them and make delivery optimal.
Following the same principle, we have developed a completely natural encapsulation method. The system allows the inclusion of active ingredients in nano or micro capsules, which are made of natural ingredients which have encapsulation properties by nature.

Our approach

Ours is a tailor-made approach. We create nanoparticles with special and unique properties and functions. The wide applicability and versatility of the entire system and the identification of the most effective solution to adopt are two main benefits of our approach. Encapsulated compounds can be by their nature (composition, size, and surface electrical charge) more or less similar to cellular systems. For this reason we have chosen to produce particles with organic molecules with different chemical-physical properties, based on the characteristics of the compound to be encapsulated. Nanoparticles are made of organic polymers, biodegradable and biocompatible that create a shell around a nucleus of molecules of the active ingredient.

The encapsulating polymers are chosen according to various factors:

with the chemical structure of the compound to be encapsulated.
with the target tissue (human, animal or plant).
Release profile
of the active ingredient in the chosen biological system.
of the encapsulated compound in the encapsulant polymer.
degree of the polymer in the target tissue.
of the encapsulated molecule.
Desired size
of particles.

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