Spray dryer B-290 (BUCHI)

Spray dryer B-290 (BUCHI)

The spray dryer B-290 (Buchi) is a machine for the synthesis of dry microparticles (> 1µm) starting from an aqueous solution, from a dispersion or from an emulsion.


The main elements that make up the tool are:

  • peristaltic pump,
  • nozzle to get the spray,
  • drying cylinder,
  • cyclone for the collection of particulate matter.

In Nanomnia the basic equipment of the tool has been implemented with:

  • one filter for hot air and one for compressed air with an attached dehumidifier, to ensure always optimal operating conditions,
  • two nozzles (0.7 and 2.0 mm) for the synthesis of a wide dimensional range of microparticles,
  • a triple fluid nozzle to work simultaneously with two different solutions, so as to perform numerous combinations and core-shell encapsulations,
  • a high performance cyclone to improve the recovery of small particles and increase the yield in the test phase.

How does it work

The starting solution, with a density up to 300 cps, can be constituted by reagents in the form of a solution or in suspension. Sample preparation is critical because the encapsulated molecule and encapsulating matrix must be added in the right concentrations and proportions.

A peristaltic pump channels this mixture to a nozzle from which it comes out in the form of a high pressure spray (8 bar).

The nozzles available are multiple and able to characterize the size of the droplets that make up the spray, which will turn into microparticles.

This transformation takes place inside a flow of hot air (up to 220 ° C), in a vertical cylinder, where the micro-droplets are sucked and immediately dried.

The microparticles thus formed are transported to a selection cyclone from which they fall into a collection vessel.

The possibility of optimizing the concentration of the initial solution, the pressure, the temperature and the flow of hot air, allows a complete and instantaneous evaporation of the aqueous phase, guaranteeing an excellent yield of the final product.



The speed (the whole process takes place in times of the order of seconds) with which the whole drying process takes place allows:

  • to encapsulate also heat-sensitive molecules, without compromising their stability, thus keeping all their properties unaltered,
  • to work with bacterial cells, yeasts and viruses, preserving their vitality,
  • to work efficiently on small volumes (50ml) with high throughput (1L / h), therefore to quickly test numerous experimental conditions and to produce, if necessary, discrete quantities of product for qualitative and efficacy tests,
  • to obtain a dry product that is easy to transport and pack, so that the technology, once scaled, is suitable for large-scale industrial production.

Applications for Nanomnia technology

The Spray dryer B-290 (Buchi) is a very versatile tool.

Thanks to the Spray dryer B-290 (Buchi), in the Nanomnia laboratories, we are able to encapsulate molecules of all kinds, including the most delicate such as vitamins, proteins, bacteria, yeasts and viruses.

Specifically, we work on a wide variety of both organic and inorganic molecules such as:

  • plant extracts as biostimulants, using polymers suitable for foliar applications,
  • active ingredients for cosmetic formulations, to ensure absorption and slow release,
  • molecules for slow release also in nutraceutical products, 
  • bacteria and yeasts for the food sector,
  • innovative materials for industrial and construction processes.